Clare Balding

Horse Racing TV Presenters - Clare Balding

Clare Balding is one of the leading Horse Racing Presenters in the UK and she is the face of Racing on the BBC and fronts all of their liver coverage throughout the season. Balding is from a racing background and has been the face of BBC Racing since 1997; she has since branched out into a number of other sports within the BBC to become one of the leading lights of the corporation. Her father Ian Balding was a well respected trainer before passing his licence to son Andrew Balding in 2002 while Clare herself was a top amateur Jockey in her younger days so is more than qualified to pass comment on all aspects of racing.

Balding has a laid back style of presenting on the BBC as she balances the coverage between talking to the experienced racing fan as well as having to tailor her style towards the broader audience that the BBC inevitably attracts. Balding did find herself in hot water when commenting on the teeth of Grand National Winning jockey Liam Treadwell, she was interviewing him after his success on Mon Mome in 2009 when making a remark for which she subsequently apologised for in the wake of a number of complaints.