Matt Champman

At The Races - Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman is without doubt the most outspoken member of the At The Races Presenting team and his style his certainly one that divides opinion, he is never shy in given is opinion on the latest issues and is no stranger to getting himself into hot water because of it. Chapman can usually be found in the booth on At The Races as one of the channels main hosts of the Get On show as well as guiding punters through the days Live Racing action.

Chapman is clearly the most colourful presenter in the sport at the moment and as a result he has built up a good following with his forthright opinions and excitable comments making him a compelling watch. Indeed the popularity of Matt Chapman was confirmed in 2010 when he picked up the Broadcaster of the Year Award at the HWPA Derby Awards Lunch and he looks set to be the flagship presenter on ATR for some time to come.

Chapman is a presenter that will not be popular with every racing fan, his ranting and raving from the ATR booth can become somewhat tedious but you can be sure that he will not sit on the fence when asked for a view. This means that Chapman has the licence to tackle the issues head on and as such is the ideal host for an interactive programme like Get On; he is the perfect presenter to field questions from punters while not being afraid to put the tough questions to trainers and jockeys. As well as presenting Get On and the Live Racing on ATR Chapman can also be found presenting the Sunday Forum on a regular basis, he plays chair person as with two experts he tackles the big issues and races of the weekend in the At The Races studio.

A presenter like Matt Chapman is unlikely to make it onto terrestrial racing coverage any time soon but he is perfectly suited to the At The Races coverage, he is clearly a marmite presenter but that in itself is good for the sport as he gets people talking about racing with his forthright style and controversial opinions. Chapman seems to be growing in popularity and in truth is the flagship Presenter on At The Races at the moment, his brand of presenting Horse Racing is unique and that sets him apart from many other racing personalities who can often be viewed as somewhat bland.