Horse Racing TV Presenters and Experts

With so much Live Racing on TV and on the Internet these days that also means that there is a good amount of presenters and experts fronting the covergage across the various formats. TV Channels are always looking for the next big star to front their coverage and with racing being such a specialist sport that is often easier said than done with presenters having to mix the the knowledge needed with the all important on screen presence. The more popular presenters are likely to find their way onto terrestrial coverage on Channel 4 and the BBC at the weekends while working their normal job on either At The Races or Racing UK.

At The Races and Racing UK tend to split their presenters between those who spend their time in the studio and those who are more suited to being out on course and assessing the chances of each horse. While there are also the experts on every channel who rather than actually take on too many presenting duties, are normally alongside someone offering their opinion with Mick Fitzgerald a prime example of this on At The Races. Someone like Fitzgerald can prove to be invaluable during live Racing having only retired from the saddle in 2008, this means he can offer a view from the weighing room whilst being able to follow the tactics of each race.

Current Horse Racing Presenters/Experts